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Contoso is a typical young startup – long on roadmap, short on resources. We have a consumer-oriented mobile app and accompanying website driven off a modern SAAS architecture. At the end of the day for us, it all boiled down to time and money, and we had little of both.

Our lean and hungry development and engineering teams were looking for ways to safely maximize throughput of our CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) pipeline. We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our releases, but never lose sight of security.

The Contoso team started researching security for our Kubernetes environment, but quickly learned (at the time), there were not a lot of fully flushed-out solutions that would be easy to deploy for our small DevSecOps team. That is, until I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the folks at Carbonetes.

At the time, Carbonetes was still in stealth mode. They offered us a beta version, and the team said why not – the Carbonetes messaging sounded exactly like what we were looking for. They didn’t let us down. We provided feedback along the way, but today we have exactly what we were looking for.

The Carbonetes cloud-based solution powered by AWS quickly scans our code for open source licenses, open source dependencies, vulnerabilities, secrets and more. We’ve eliminated license risk (which keeps our General Counsel happy) and optimized our deployment using Carbonetes Container Config.

On the security side, I sleep a bit easier at night knowing that credentials are safe, and that our code has been checked for malware and vulnerabilities. Best of all, Carbonetes brings all this functionality together in an easy to read dashboard AND integrates right into our Jenkins testing and Jira ticketing.

I come from an enterprise security background and have worked with a lot of different systems. What I can say unequivocally is that regardless if you are a Fortune 500 or a fledgling startup like us, if you are deploying Kubernetes, Carbonetes is the solution for you.

- Paul Reyff (Contoso Corporation)