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The Ultimate App for Connecting Our Open-Source Tools

Scan for vulnerabilities, protect sensitive information, and ensure compliance using our Carbonetes Lite App.
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Security Assurance
Scan vulnerabilities to implement risk mitigation measures.
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Protect Information
Ensure the security and integrity of software programs.
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Ensure Compliance
Utilize the tool to perform comprehensive code scans and generate reports.

On-Premise Features

The Lite App uses tools like Container Registry, Policy Rules, and Integrations. These tools help automate tasks, keep track of software components, and improve security.
Screenshot of the Carbonetes Lite App Dashboard
Container Registries
Take advantage of our diverse range of container registries.
Tiles view of the container registries
Policy Rules
Customize analyzers with versatile gates, tailoring policies to your needs.
Tiles view of the sample results from the analyzers
Streamline your development workflow using our integration tools.
Tiles view of the integration tools

Installation Guide

This section demonstrates how to install the Lite App on Docker
Docker Compose
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Screenshot of docker-compose.yaml file
Screenshot of docker compose up window
Make sure you have the following software installed on your system: Docker and Docker Compose.
Download the yaml file named docker-compose.yaml
Modify the Docker Compose
Open the file, Modify any configuration parameters, such as volume paths or environment variables, make the necessary changes according to your requirements.
Run and Access
  1. Run docker compose up or $docker-compose up
  2. Once the containers are up and running, you can access the page here


The lite app is powered by the following open-source tools.
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BOM Diggity
Designed to enhance the security, protect information and compliance of your software programs.
Open Source
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Vulnerability scanner that helps organizations identify and mitigate security risks.
Open Source
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Conducts a thorough IAC code scan, generating detailed reports on security issues found.
Open Source

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