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What container registries does Carbonetes support?

Carbonetes supports the following container registries: 

  • AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) offers both a private, hosted registry and a network of public registries that you can use to collaborate with partners and third-party app developers.
  • Google Container Registry (GCR) allows you to store and manage your Docker images in a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) container repository.
  • Azure Container Registry (ACR) is a fully-managed Docker registry service hosted in Azure and integrated with Azure Container Service to deploy, manage, and scale containers in the cloud. 
  • IBM Cloud Container Registry is a private registry that can automatically remediate vulnerabilities found in the images of containerized applications. 
  • Docker Private Registry is a cloud service that makes it easy for you to distribute, share, and collaborate on container applications. You can find open-source software, sample applications, and access to the Docker community on Docker.
  • Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) is a secure container registry that helps you manage and scale containerized application delivery at scale.
  • Red Hat Quay Container Registry provides secure storage, distribution, and governance of your containers and cloud-native artifacts.
  • JFrog Container Registry is a comprehensive and advanced registry that supports Docker containers and Helm Chart repositories for Kubernetes deployments.